Who makes a gluten free pizza? We think that you could name a number of pizza companies that offer customers a gluten free option as part of their menu.  However, when researching a restaurant, you’ll be surprised that most of these pizza companies would fail to be considered gluten free and not an ideal place to order a pizza if you have gluten issues.

Before we provide look at the companies who make gluten free pizza, let’s get a few house keeping issues out of the way.  We will not cover the symptoms of a person with gluten allergies. Reason being we are not doctors or dietitians and you don’t need a pizza themed site to tell you if you might gluten intolerance.  If you have issues with gluten you will know that one trace of the wheat protein will give serious issues.

The other elephant in the room is the major pizza chains that offer gluten free pizza bases are not a pizza company that you should be ordering a gluten free pizza.  The major pizza chains will make a gluten free pizza base but as soon as it touches the kitchen line the gluten free pizza base will come in contact with gluten and be cross contaminated.

In this post we will list the major chains that offer gluten free pizza but if you are ordering from these companies you either do not have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease.  Ordering from these companies is just for show. You are showing off / being difficult for family and friends.  Come on, we all have one of those family members that are hypochondriac, that each week they have a new condition so they have something to talk about.

When researching for this post, what we found really disappointing, is when you Google “who makes gluten free pizza” the first result is Domino’s and this pizza chain would not be considered not gluten free.  We will do our best to list gluten free pizza kitchens but we cannot 100% guarantee that these kitchen are gluten friendly.  When you phone to make an order with and pizza companies you should verify that all options on the menu are gluten free.

Authentic Gluten Free Pizza Restaurants

These Pizza restaurants kitchens only offers customers gluten free meals.  There is no option to replace a gluten based meal with a gluten free option.

  •  Hemp kitchen – Located in St Kilda, Australia.  This restaurant has a Monday Night Pizza Special, with all traditional pizzas are $15.  What makes this place unique is the pizza base is either gluten free or made on hemp.  Reviewing the menu there are 14 pizzas that make the pizza special.  Hemp Kitchen is accredited by Coeliac Australia.  Experience the hemp flavours
  • Shop 225 Pizzeria – Located in Pascoe Vale South. They offer 15 pizzas that are gluten free that are wood-fired pizza! They do not list any pizza deals or coupons but you can order online .
  • Julian’s Gluten Free Pizza bases – This is not a pizza restaurant but we are listing it here as it is very hard to find a pure gluten free pizza restaurant.  The pizza bases are available in the Supermarkets Coles and Woolworths.  Check out their website for their branding so you can locate it at your local supermarket.

It is a challenge to find a truly gluten free pizza restaurant and we will continue to update this list.  If you know of restaurant that the kitchen is 100% gluten free pizza, then send us an email.

Pizza Restaurants that offer Gluten Free Pizza

These restaurants offer a range of gluten free pizza but they are aimed at those people who want an alternative to a traditional pizza base.

  • Dominos Australia – most of their pizzas on the menus can be made on a gluten free base.  The value range will have a gluten free option at an extra charge.
  • Pizza hut Australia – All of their pizza ranges (classic, favourite, supreme & Premium) offer a gluten free pizza base.
  • Crust pizza – Gluten Free pizza bases are only available on medium size pizzas

We thinking that eating a gluten free pizza is a challenge for a number of reasons.  There are very few restaurants that are 100% gluten free, eating a gluten free meal does not mean it is healthier for you as it may contain more sugar than the gluten option and gluten free meals historically have not tasted the best or gave your stomach a heavy feeling.  If you want find out more information then visit Coeliac Australia there website has information on eating out, cross contamination and an endorsement program.

For those people who want an alternative to a traditional pizza base then we recommend ordering from a major pizza chain as their gluten free pizzas are quite tasty and you can usually use a pizza coupon as part of  your order.