US Thanksgiving is usually spent with family and friends.  Sometimes family are not blessed with great cooking skills to roast a Turkey or create the hybrid meal of a turducken.  If you are in the bucket of I cannot cook or don’t want to cook for family and friends and you’d rather the football or just hang with family, then a PIZZA DEAL is the way forward for you!

We have reviewed the pizza coupons from the major pizza chains in the US – Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.  Check out the deals we have researched for you.


$7.99 USD Large 2-Topping pizza (online only)

Get a delicious Pizza Hut classic large 2-topping pizza. Get one for just $7.99 when you order online. Upgrade to one of their delicious specialty pizzas, including Meat Lover’s and Buffalo Chicken for a little more.

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$5 Line up menus – 2 or more, $5 each USD

This deal is tougher to pass than Philly Eagles defense (we kid).  Medium 1-topping pizzas, Bone-out Wings, Cinnabon Mini Rolls and more for only $5 each when you try two or more.

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US Dominos Pizza Coupons

St Jude Meal Deal for $19.99 USD is back – Deal until 1/6/19

What is becoming a regular pizza deal at Dominos is back for another year.  The St Jude Meal Deal for $19.99 contains

  • Two Medium one topping pizza
  • 16 piece Parmesan bread bites
  • Eight piece cinnamon bread twist
  • 2L Coke
  • $1 donation to St Jude
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Week Long Carryout Deal

This deal includes:

  • Large 3-Topping Pizzas for $7.99 USD each
  • Medium 3-topping pizzas also $7.99 USD each
  • Order online and pick up in store
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US Papa John’s Pizza Deals

Carry out Special $8.99 USD

Get a Large or Pan 2-Topping Pizza when you order online and pick up in store

Carry Me To The Special

Big Catering Bundle $54.99 USD

  • Two Extra Large one topping pizzas
  • Three Sandwiches
  • Two Desserts
  • Bread Slice
  • Two 2L drinks
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Our Recommendations

First, enjoy the holiday with family and prepare for the black Friday sales!  In spirit of Thanksgiving we think that Papa John’s Big Catering Bundle is the way to go if you are with family and friends.  If you happen to be with a small group (2 people or less) then the carry out deals for Pizza Hut and Dominos are the better value at $7.99 USD each.  With no turkey pizza toppings offered order a chicken topping.