You’ve ordered a pizza deal and received two pizzas for the price of one.  You have eaten your fair share of pizza and have placed the left overs in the fridge for the next day or two.  When it comes time to reheating leftover pizza there are several options.  We have listed reheating pizza tips to enjoy your leftover pizza.

How to reheat pizza in a pan

This is probably our favourite way to reheat leftover pizza. The end result will have the pizza base crunchy and the cheese will be soft.  For this reheating method you’ll need a pan with a lid and cook top.  Turn the cook top on to a low to medium heat and let the pan warm up before placing the slice of pizza into the pan.  Do not use the highest cook top setting as you’ll most likely burn the base and the pizza toppings will still be cold.

Once the pan has warmed up, place the slice of pizza into the pan.  Let the pizza sit in the pan for 5 -10 mins as this will warm up the base and the pizza toppings.  After 10 mins touch the top of the pizza to check if the toppings are warm enough to eat.  If you are satisfied with the temperature of the toppings, grab you pan lid and table spoon of water.  Before placing the lid on top of the pan add the table spoon of water to one side of pan.  Once you have added the water place the pan lid over the pizza.  The water will start to evaporate and the steam will soften the cheese.  Leave the pizza covered for another minute.  It is possible that you might need to add more water as the cheese might still be hard.

Pro tip for using this method:  Keep the water away from the pizza as you will end up with soggy pizza.

How to reheat pizza in a microwave

This method to reheat your slice of pizza is the simplest to pull off but the satisfaction of eating pizza from a microwave is just not there.  If you don’t like soggy or flaccid pizza then keep your reheating time to a minimum.  Try keeping the reheating time to under one minute to keep the pizza relatively crunchy and the toppings warm.  There are brands of microwaves that have a pizza reheating setting and we have tried a few of these mircowaves and it makes no difference the pizza still ends up soggy and the cheese rubbery.  Every microwave power is different so experiment with the heating times.  If you are not that hungry we suggest that you use other methods.  If you are a sick individual that loves a soggy pizza, we love to hear from you…. maybe not.

How to reheat pizza in an oven

This another great way to reheat pizza. Warm the oven to 160 – 180 degree Celsius or 320 – 356 Fahrenheit.  Don’t have the oven at the highest settings otherwise the outside of the pizza will get burnt and the inside cold.  With reheating pizza remember the saying low and slow is the best.  Let the oven warm up to the required temperature and place the slice of pizza directly on the baking rack.  Doing this will cause the pizza base to be crunchy but leave your oven in a mess.  So to stop the mess place the pizza on the top self and on the second shelf add a piece of baking paper to catch any dripping cheese.

Using the oven method to warm your pizza will cause the cheese to become crunchy, if you leave the slice in the oven for too long.

Pro tip for using this method:  Once the cheese starts to bubble the pizza is good enough to eat.

How to reheat pizza in a pellet grill

A pellet grill, sometimes referred to as pallet smokers, are outdoor cookers that are fueled by wood pellets.  They can smoke and bake using a electronic control panel which make them great to reheat pizza.  Similar to the oven method for reheating the pizza you want to warm the pellet grill to 160 – 180 degree Celsius or 320 – 356 Fahrenheit.  Once the pellet grill has hit the required temperature wait another 5 minutes before adding the pizza as the temperature gauge is located to side of the bbq and the rest of the pellet grill may not be hot enough.  Add the pizza and wait until the cheese starts to bubble. Try not to open the pellet grill too often as this will cause the temperature to drop and it will take longer to reheat the pizza.  Why we listed this method to reheat the pizza is because the pizza will end up with the wood fried taste!