Pizza Hut Australia have a great pizza promotion running at the moment.  The promotion is called “Hot Dot Delivered hot or the next pizza is free”. The red dot is heat sensitive which is placed on all pizza boxes to measure the temperature of the pizza, which is kept hot by Pizza Hut’s new Delivery bags. They guarantee your home delivered pizza will be hot when you take your first bite into a slice.

To celebrate the new hot dot promotion, Pizza Hut have release a new advertisement which can be found on TV and You Tube.  The ad features the famous 90’s character “Dougie, the Pizza boy” who is now “Dougie, the pizza dad.”

Hot Dot TV Ad

Keep in mind with this promotion, at the time of writing this post the Pizza Hut Website is not heavily promoting the guarantee as you cannot easily find information about the promotion.  The only way that you’ll know this guarantee exists is from websites like pizza coupon deals and on the top left of some of their image there is a notification that says “always delivered hot” but there is no mention of the guarantee.  We think that Pizza Hut should have added more detail on there offers page or do a better job of promoting it on their website.