Pizza Hut Brownies have been on the menu since they were first baked in 2015.  The triple chocolate brownie is made from one of the one of the most marketed chocolate company’s in the world, Hershey’s.  The Pizza Hut Brownie comes to your heated with the chocolate heated to a point where it contains it shape but with one touch the chocolate will ooze between your fingers. The brownie is made from Hershey’s cocoa, chocolate chips mixed with the dark chocolate.

What do Customers Say about the Pizza Hut Brownie

Brittanyy a twitter user said “I want a brownie from Pizza Hut”

K from twitter also could not share her purchase of a Pizza Hut Brownie

Bayleigh another twitter user would rather talk about Pizza Hut brownies than politics.  We think that Bayleigh could be on to something here. If the world’s politicians solved their problems over a brownie then we would have less debt and probably world peace 🙂

Some users will rather stalk a Pizza Hut drivers when driving interstate for their brownies

Where Can you Purchase Hershey’s Chipits Triple Chocolate Brownie

Pizza Hut Canada offers the brownie on their menu along with the cookie.  Pizza Hut US also have the brownie on their menu but unfortunately there is no coupon or deal that have the brownie at a discount.  Pizza Hut Australia and UK do not list the brownie on their website but if you Google Pizza Hut Brownie you can find an old page.

Nutritional Value of The Brownie

This snack is not going to benefit your health but eaten in moderation it will be okay on your waist line.  The number of calories in a Pizza Hut Brownie is 260 calories per serving size.  The total sugar is 25 grams with 3 grams of protein.

For your next pizza order why not order a dessert.  We promise you that you will not be disappointed.