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December 2018

Pizza Hut Brownies


Pizza Hut Brownies have been on the menu since they were first baked in 2015.  The triple chocolate brownie is made from one of the one of the most marketed chocolate company's in the world, Hershey's.  The Pizza Hut Brownie comes to your heated with the chocolate heated to a point where it contains it [...]

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Pizza Hut UK December 2018 Deals


There is not long to go until the Holiday season is upon us.  If you are like me, then you are still waiting to start your holiday shopping.   Usually,  I will wait for the last week as I am sucker for the punishment.  I secretly love trying to find a car park for 20 minutes [...]

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Who makes gluten free pizza?


Who makes a gluten free pizza? We think that you could name a number of pizza companies that offer customers a gluten free option as part of their menu.  However, when researching a restaurant, you'll be surprised that most of these pizza companies would fail to be considered gluten free and not an ideal place [...]

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November 2018

Dominos UK Pizza Deals December 2018


There is a lot interesting ways for UK customers to order a pizza deal through Domino's.  Not only can you walk in, order online or phone in your pizza order. You can order via Alexa, Apple smart watch and Facebook messenger. To order your pizza via Alexa you need to set up the easy order [...]

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White Pizza


What is a white pizza or pizza bianca? How do you know if your local pizza shop offers a white pizza?  Is a white pizza sauce the same as a white pizza? These are the questions that come to mind when some says "I will have a white pizza tonight, thanks." What is white pizza [...]

White Pizza2018-11-27T21:54:24+10:00

Crust Pizza Summer Menu


Crust pizza have announced their summertime menu that will appeal to the Vegan Warriors and sweet tooth fans.  The new pizzas are mainly a mixture of fruit and salty vinaigrette toppings.   You have a choice of four pizzas and a pork rib dish. Mix your order with a low carb base that contains 30% less [...]

Crust Pizza Summer Menu2018-11-22T20:17:39+10:00

US Pizza deals for November


US Thanksgiving is usually spent with family and friends.  Sometimes family are not blessed with great cooking skills to roast a Turkey or create the hybrid meal of a turducken.  If you are in the bucket of I cannot cook or don't want to cook for family and friends and you'd rather the football or just [...]

US Pizza deals for November2018-11-21T17:31:54+10:00

Reheating Pizza Tips


You've ordered a pizza deal and received two pizzas for the price of one.  You have eaten your fair share of pizza and have placed the left overs in the fridge for the next day or two.  When it comes time to reheating leftover pizza there are several options.  We have listed reheating pizza tips [...]

Reheating Pizza Tips2018-11-09T17:07:56+10:00

Melbourne Cup Pizza Deals


Melbourne Cup is a great day for the fans and punters.  Before the race ends you do need a dinner plan to soak up the partying! We've put together a variety of Melbourne Cup Pizza deals for you: Crown Casino - Gradi Restaurant: Pizza and Peroni For $30 enjoy a Gradi's pizza paired [...]

Melbourne Cup Pizza Deals2018-11-21T15:46:23+10:00

October 2018

PizzaPizza Ontario Pizza deals November 2018

2018-10-30T19:28:05+10:00 have a number of pizza deals for sports fans of the Toronto Rapters and the Ottawa Senators. If you have gotten too much Halloween candy or you just hate the taste of certain types of candy you can score pizza too. Let's go over the deals to see if they are worth your hard [...]

PizzaPizza Ontario Pizza deals November 20182018-10-30T19:28:05+10:00