Pizza hut has a variety of deals to keep your belly content with pizza goodness.  Order online and you’ll have the choice of seven deals to feed your family, friends and wings just for you.

Pizza Hut Deals

Deal 1: 3 Plus 3 for $39.00 (delivery)

Choose from 3 large pizza (11 inches) and three sides with the code “Hut 4114”

Any pizza over $13.95 will add a cost of $3

Deal 2: Two Large for $19.95 (pick up only)

Choose 2 large pizzas (11 inches) with code “Hut4029”

Deal 3: Ten wings for $10 (pick up only)

Choose 10 wings from the following choices and pay $1 per wing.  Seasoned wings, naked wings or buffalo wings with code “Hut4030”

Deal 4:Family Triple Treat from $23.00 (pick up only)

2 large pizzas (11 inches) and 1 Hershey’s cookie

Deal 5: Triple Dippers for $9.95 (pick up only)

This deal includes 4x seasoned wings + 8 cheesy spud bites + 10x cheesy breadsticks + 3x dipping sauces

Deal 6: Six wings for $6 (pick up only)

Choose either 6 seasoned, naked or buffalo wings with code “HUT5658”

Deal 7: Footy Feed from $29.95 (pick up only)

The footy season is over but there are still some international tests to played.  Get a game feed 2 large pizzas (11 inches) and a choice of 10 wings or half a rack of BBQ pork ribs.

Are you with team Ribs or Team wings?

The healthy choice at Pizza Hut

We do our best to find you the pizza with the least calories or kilojoules.  We went through the large pizza range and the pizza with the least amount of kilojoules as reported by Pizza Hut was the Garlic Prawn pizza at 6659 kj or 1594 calories. Tthis works out to be 832 kj per slice or 199 calories per slice.  To burn off a slice it would take 60 minutes of walking.