There is a lot interesting ways for UK customers to order a pizza deal through Domino’s.  Not only can you walk in, order online or phone in your pizza order. You can order via Alexa, Apple smart watch and Facebook messenger.

To order your pizza via Alexa you need to set up the easy order app.  Once this has been setup use the command “Alexa, ask Domino’s to feed me”.  Follow the next steps and you’ll your order completed in under 5 minutes.

The Apple watch is a few taps away from order your pizza or if you love wasting time on social media then head on over to the facebook page for Domino’s UK.

Latest UK Dominos Pizza deals for December 2018

The BIG Night In Deal

Any 2 medium pizzas, garlic pizza bread, potato wedges, cookies & 1.25 litre of drink for only £23.99

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The BIG Night in Deal – Gluten Free

Similar to the regular BIG night in deal expect you can replace the regular pizza base with a gluten free pizza base.  It is includes 2x gluten free pizzas, garlic pizza bread, potato wedges, cookies & a 1.25 litre drink for only £23.99.  This is slightly a better a deal as gluten free pizzas usually come at an extra cost.

Gluten free my Order Please!

The Even Bigger Night In Deal

If you have a small army to feed then order this deal.  Any 2 Large Pizzas, Garlic bread, potato wedges, cookies & 1.25 litre bottle drink for only £27.99.  For the extra £4 it is worth upgrading to this deal.

Stuff my face, please

Walk In Wins – Buy one get one free (BOGOF) – Collection only!  Collect one any size pizza and get another free.


Pizza Legend – 30% OFF

Create your very own Pizza Legend and get 30% off!  In three steps you can claim your place in Pizza greatness and go into the Pizza Hall of Fame.  It is very easy Step 1: Create it – Choose from a number of topping to create your own pizza. Step 2: Name It – Give a title that will stick with the pizza “I made it and I will eat it”  Step 3: Become the legend and be one of the top 25 legends

Become a Pizza Naming legend

Healthy Choice

Domino’s UK tries to be health wise.  They recommend that one individual eat three slices per person or a whole small or personal sized pizza. They encourage customers to make informed decisions and want to be in charge of your pizza toppings.  Keep in mind when you are ordering a low fat product like cheese the sugar content is usually higher than regular cheese.  When ordering your pizza make sure you take the time to read the nutrition values.

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