Crust pizza have announced their summertime menu that will appeal to the Vegan Warriors and sweet tooth fans.  The new pizzas are mainly a mixture of fruit and salty vinaigrette toppings.   You have a choice of four pizzas and a pork rib dish. Mix your order with a low carb base that contains 30% less carbs than Crust’s regular base.

Menu Summer Menu Pizzas

  • Cured Bresaolla with Peaches & Balsamic Fig (1359 calories)
  • Sweet Peppered Pineapple (Vegan) (1608 calories)
  • Pesto Pear with Balsamic Fig (Vegan) (1735 calories)
  • Caramelised Onion & Balsamic Fig Squares (Vegan) (1359 calories)
  • Za’arar Spiced Lamb with Zhug – This pizza was originally released for Crust’s Spring menu

Summer Sides Menu

  • Bourbon BBQ Pork Ribs (779 calories)

With the new summer menu Crust are appealing for the sweet tooth lover.  Being a sweet menu it is ideal to pair these pizzas with a white wine or a gin tonic with a hint of mint to break up the sweet flavours that you’ll experience.  Whatever you do stay away from ciders and sweet tasting sodas / soft drinks as this will leave you on a massive sugar high that might take you a few days to recover!

When ordering from Crust Pizza make sure you join the V.I.P.P program as every week the team will send you an email with an exclusive offer.

Healthiest Choice Pizza

There are two pizza that offer lowest calories per slice and these pizzas are the cured Bresaolla with Peaches and Caramelised Onion and Balsamic fig squares.  Both Pizzas are 1369 calories each but the Cured Bresaolla has more protein so this will give the edge as the better choice to make.

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