Crust Pizza has great deals for the month of October.  For Spring the Australian pizza chain launched a new Spring menu on August 28th.  The spring menu sees new dishes added that are a mixture of pizzas, pastas and a dessert.


Crust Pizza’s Spring Menu items

  • Za’atar spiced Lamb with Zhug – $26.00 15″ x 9″:  Wondering what Zhug (because we are!). Zhug is a Yemeni hot sauce that has Cilantro and Parsley, cumin seeds, cardamom pods, Thai bird chilies and garlic.  Want the recipe then visit serious eats
  • Goats Cheese & lemon Gnocchi – $16.00:  This dish will appeal to those that are lactose intolerant
  • Prosciutto Blanco – $15.00
  • Homestyle Bolognese – $13.00
  • House Cookedd Belgian Waffles – $12.00:  Not sure how good Belgian waffles will be for a pizza and pasta store but it might be worth purchasing
  • Bruschetta Squares $9.50
  • Mediterranean Romesco $23.00 for a large pizza: This is a vegan pizza that is available in large and medium

The Healthy Choice

According the Crust Pizza website the pizza with the less Kilojulie / Calories is the Bruschetta Squares at 4920KJ or 1176 calories with the pizza sliced into 16 pieces that is 73.5 calories per piece.  The pasta dish with the lowest kilojules is the Goats Cheese & Lemon Gnocchi at 2080KJ or 497 calories which would take one f45 workout to burn off!

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