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February 2019

Canadian Pizza Deals For February 2019


The weather sucks at the moment so don't travel outdoors, order a pizza instead.  We've listed the best pizza coupon deals from the top pizza chains in Canada.  You'll find Pizza Hut Canada, Domino's Canada and Pizza Pizza.  If you want our opinion the best value deal is from Pizza Pizza.  The deal is [...]

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December 2018

Pizza Hut Brownies


Pizza Hut Brownies have been on the menu since they were first baked in 2015.  The triple chocolate brownie is made from one of the one of the most marketed chocolate company's in the world, Hershey's.  The Pizza Hut Brownie comes to your heated with the chocolate heated to a point where it contains it [...]

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October 2018

PizzaPizza Ontario Pizza deals November 2018

2018-10-30T19:28:05+10:00 have a number of pizza deals for sports fans of the Toronto Rapters and the Ottawa Senators. If you have gotten too much Halloween candy or you just hate the taste of certain types of candy you can score pizza too. Let's go over the deals to see if they are worth your hard [...]

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