April is a busy month with Easter, school holidays and entertaining the kids. Spend a few less days in the kitchen and use these Australian Pizza Coupon Deals from a few pizza chains throughout the land. All major pizza chains have a no contact delivery policy to minimise the chance of passing on any colds or viruses.

Crust pizza have a few new wings.  They have Korean Wings made from the Gochujang paste. Which is a chili paste that is sweet, the sweet flavour comes from the starched rice. It with having your mouth tingled to try this spice. Add a beer or some milk to the mix and you’ll be right.  For those who are not familiar with the French language the Prawn confit is a slowly cooked prawn. The prawns are cooked in grease, oil or sugar water at a low temperature. Foods cooked at a low temperature usually maintain their juices so the meat is not as dry. Add Prawn Confit to the pizza and you have an awesome pizza.

Crust Pizza

Pizza Wings!
Spicy Pizza Wings
Chorizo Salsa Verde
Quattro Salumi
Garlic Prawn Config

Domino’s Pizza

two topping pizza
Code: 208868 $14.95 New Yorker Pizza
two topping pizza
3 Pizzaz, 2 Garlic Breads & 2 drinks